Mesh sneakers for women

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Mesh sneakers for women


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The combination of a soft, cushioned and flexible sole together with the mesh cover of this shoe allows it to adapt to the shape of your foot, reducing the discomfort caused by some foot problems.

They prevent the feet from being exhausted by poor blood circulation; They are perfect for walking, running, going to the gym or using them at home.

These shoes will increase your height up to 2 “(inches) more. You can look much taller, slimmer and more elegant without wearing heels.

Its highly breathable mesh cover prevents perspiration and odors from your feet.

Seven reasons for you to buy these sneakers.

1° Gain a few more inches in height thanks to its sole that measures 2″ (inches) in height.

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Mesh sneakers for women


Mesh sneakers for women come in three colors, Black, Green, Yellow and Pink.

2° Very comfortable and adapt to any type of foot, you do not have to worry about those small deformations in your feet that cause discomfort and pain when walking.


Mesh sneakers for women with thick, high, flexible and non-slip sole


3° No matter how long you spend standing or how much you walk, your feet will always be fresh thanks to its breathable mesh.


Women's thick-soled athletic shoe with increased comfort and cushioning . Mesh sneakers for women


4° Comfortable, light, flexible, breathable, tall and durable.


Mesh sneakers for women with Very Breathable Material


5° Manufactured with the latest technology and materials of the highest quality.


Mesh sneakers for women with high impact resistance sole


6° Their designs, sizes and colors are modern, innovative and trendy.


Women's sports shoes with thick soles and breathable mesh. Mesh sneakers for women


7° These chunky sole air cushion sneakers for women’s will make you look great, you will feel very comfortable with them when you are walking, at work or going shopping.


Mesh sneakers for women


Buy these chunky sole air cushion sneakers for women now at the best price and with 100% free shipping and satisfaction guarantee.

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Additional information

Weight1.3 lbs
Dimensions15 × 10 × 5 in

Black, Green, Pink, Yellow


Air cushion, Breathable, Lightweight, Thick Sole


5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10

8 reviews for Mesh sneakers for women

  1. Megan

    I work on my feet all day or walking. My old shoes made my back ache, I couldn’t even move my feet. But these shoes made me feel comfortable and I literally even wore them back in my day because they are stylish, people ask where you got them. go buy these they are amazing. I already went back and bought another pair that arrived yesterday in a different color. I will try to buy all the colors eventually

  2. Liana

    I love the color and the fit, they are very comfortable. I work for a hospital and am on my feet all day. Then I walk as a way to relax. These shoes feel amazing! Correct size very comfortable I just ordered my original size. I will order more pairs in all colors.

  3. Melany

    These are the most pleasant, elegant and comfortable shoes, they are my second pair I will go for more

  4. Renata

    I had bought a pair of these shoes as a gift, when they arrived I really liked them, so I bought one too.

  5. Avianna

    I love the design of this shoe, if you have wide or chubby feet this shoe will look great

  6. Holly

    This is my second pair now! Really cute and very comfortable.

  7. Lorelei

    a super cute color, I like it a lot, the shoe arrived in perfect condition, I’m going to enjoy it a lot

  8. Rosemary

    the design of this shoe is great, you feel very comfortable when walking

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