Your dreams await you, it’s time to make them come true.

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Your dreams wait for you, it’s time to act and go out to find them, woohandy … let’s go with you.

Do you think, wish or dream?

Often, we confuse three very important things in life as Thinking, Wishing and Dreaming, and without knowing or being aware of it, we spend our lives thinking and wishing for things that we think are our dreams.

So that this does not happen to you, I will make it very clear in this post.

Thus, you can identify the differences that exist between one and the other, so that you can use the power of being a dreamer and not live the frustrations of those who only think and want things.




It is an event that occurs in our mind in anticipation of any reality and that may or may not be directly or indirectly related to a past, present or future event.



Uuse the power of a dreamer



It is an eventual thought that has the power to awaken emotions such as happiness when it is in our mind.


A wish has the power to awaken emotions



It is the desire to achieve something that we constantly think about, and for which we are willing to fight tirelessly until we see it come true.

To have a dream, we must first live the experience of desire, and find in this desire enough strength to drive us to make decisions and decisive actions to achieve it.

This is what is known according to some texts as a burning desire, as recounted by the famous writer of the work The ten secrets of abundance (Adam J Jackson).

Dreaming allows us to imagine a different world in which we live, with our dreams we experience the fulfillment of our life and we find reasons and reasons to achieve them that overcome any challenge.

If you are a dreamer, you have goals, objectives or a clear life purpose, you should know that today there are endless resources that you can access to boost yourself and not let your dreams wait for you.

The best things in life do not come alone, you have to go for a walk to look for them and sometimes run to reach them.

No matter how many steps you take at a time, the important thing is that you take them constantly, that you enjoy and learn along the way.

We must always watch our steps, every step counts and it can be difficult to try.

Chasing your dreams is not an easy task, but if you don’t, you will never know what you were capable of.

You have to be brave, face it all, and trust that you can achieve it, even when your mind wants to play with your weaknesses.


Your dreams await you, dreaming allows us to imagine a different world


Have you imagined what your life will be like after making your dreams come true?

If you have not done it, perhaps it is a good time to do it, you have to visualize in your mind all those things that you want to achieve in your life, and let your body experience all the sensations that that imagined experience can produce.

Think how your life will be when you make your dream come true, what benefits this will bring to your life, to your loved ones, to your social environment.

Think about how many things you may have that you cannot accomplish right now.

Try to discover every emotion that awakens in you to imagine the realization of your dreams.

Feel the immense happiness of seeing yourself as you want to see yourself in the future, feeling successful for having achieved what you wanted so much.


Your dreams await you, visualize everything you want to achieve


Think then, how painful it will be not to achieve your dreams, how sad you would live the rest of your life thinking that you did not try, what legacy you will leave to your future generations and what kind of life you could have.

We have the power to make our dreams come true and many don’t even try. they live distracted and immersed in nonsense, then when old age comes they feel a lot of pain, frustration and sadness for not having tried something extraordinary.

Don’t let life surprise you as the years go by, how quickly they go by, and start working on your dreams today.

Do not fear, you will never be alone, we will always be here to guide you, give you ideas, explain useful things to achieve it, teach you techniques, accompany you on that path, we will be part of your team on that path and you will be part of us.

But you need to keep these three rules in mind to get started:

It is not enough to think about it … you have to take it into account …

As we said at the beginning, you have to be very clear about the difference between thinking, wishing and dreaming.

Just because you think about something often or often doesn’t mean you really want it, and even when you want something it does, it does not mean that this is your dream.

Dreams are lived before realizing them, to feel the desire to achieve it as soon as possible, and in that experience of imagining and visualizing it is necessary to find, if they exist, sufficient reasons to want to make it come true.


Your dreams await you, dreams are lived before realizing them


 It is not enough to wish it … you have to act …

Desire can be the perfect fuel to achieve a dream, but a desire no matter how ardent it may be, if it does not lead you to take forceful action, then it will be just a simple wish.

Therefore, you must identify very well what is the force that will drive you so that your desires lead you to act.


A wish is the fuel to make a dream come true


It’s not enough to try … you have to fight …

I know that nothing would be more wonderful than achieving the things we set out to do on the first try, but we must be aware that everything in life is part of a process that takes time and effort.

Therefore, you must understand that there may be many failed attempts that could wear down your enthusiasm a bit, but you should not give up because in the end your reward will come.


Do not give up in the end your reward will come


 It doesn’t matter how high… or how far they are at this moment, your dreams are waiting for you… Woohandy… we go with you….

If you liked this post and it is of your interest, I invite you to leave me a comment, and share it with those dreaming people who deserve to have someone who motivates them to continue fighting for their dreams.

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