• If you have any questions write to us and we will gladly assist you.
  • Check your details for shipping.
  • Please provide a contact phone number and email so we can report any changes instantly.
  • We prepare your order for shipment in 3 business days, but it can be much earlier.
  • Shipping is free to the United States and Canada.
  • We will deliver your order in a maximum of 15 days to the continental United States and Canada.
  • Delivery time can be much shorter, but please note that it may change depending on certain conditions.
  • You can place a rush order, please contact us.

Keep in mind that the color of the product may vary because the colors of the images suffer alterations depending on the quality of the screen of the device from where you have seen it.

For more information, consult the quick guide at the end.



Before buying:

to any doubts, we are willing to help you , to avoid having bad experiences due to mistakes or lack of knowledge; You can read more about this topic by consulting the Buy  at Woohandy.com  section in our woohandy.com shopping guide.

To avoid inconveniences or misunderstandings, we always recommend that you carefully read our policies, which you can access from the general menu of our store or with the link at the bottom of any page (our policies) there you can find more information on all issues related to woohandy.com and the use of the platform, including the entire purchase process, preparation, shipping, receipt, exchanges, returns and refunds.

Before continuing, we want you to know that woohandy.com and Global Supplies and Services, their partners, allies and suppliers, commercialize products inside and outside the United States, in different regions, countries, states and cities around the world, with a vast variety of main warehouses locations, so the delivery times of our products are subject to the availability they have in our closest depot

How to buy:

Buying at woohandy.com is very fast and easy: 1st select your product and review it, 2nd if you have any questions, consult, 3rd add to cart, 4th go to the checkout box, enter your billing information and address of shipping and "finalize your purchase". If you want more details and some tips that will help you clarify any doubts, go to our shopping guide woohandy.com

At the time of finalizing your purchase you will receive a confirmation email with your order number, which will help us to follow up in the preparation of your order, for more details check  the woohandy.com shopping guide.

Order preparation:

This process is generally carried out within a period of 3 to 5 business days after placing the order and verifying the customer's payment. see our order preparation section of our woohandy.com shopping guide.

During this period of time, the client can do changes to their order, including its cancellation before the 24 hours  from the moment they placed their order and if  the preparation process was not completed.

The customer has the option  to do a urgent order , which may or may not cause additional costs. see our shipping and delivery section of our shopping guide woohandy.com.

Shipping and delivery time.

We want to clarify that the shipping services that woohandy.com offers are limited solely and exclusively to the procedures described in the order preparation section, which consist of delivering the package with the product purchased by the customer to the logistics company. see our order preparation and Users Guide section of our woohandy.com shopping guide and return policies.

If you opt for express shipping, remember to give  your contact number, this is required for this type of  shipping.

Delivery times vary according to the destination chosen by the client to receive their package, these will always be within a pre-established time frame for each product, and according to the shipping method chosen by the client, which can vary from 15 to 35 days for Continental United States and Canada, this time may be less, but the customer should note that it may change according to certain conditions that are not under the control of woohandy.com, such as:

  • Weather conditions that affect the means of transport.
  • Mobilization limitations imposed by government authorities.
  • Destinations that are going through air, sea and land traffic restrictions.
  • Catastrophic events that alter the normal operation of transport.
  • Declarations that are in force and that limit the mobility and transport of loads.
  • High air, sea and land traffic that generates long queues for shipments.
  • Other events of force majeure.

We regret that military PO boxes and addresses (APO, FPO) cannot be delivered.

Receiving the package.

If you choose the free shipping option, your package will be delivered directly to your address only one time  or it will be delivered to your local post office.

It is mandatory to present the identity documentation for this package to be delivered, if any person who has not been previously registered tries to receive or withdraw the package, delivery will be denied until the person with correct identity documents is presented. see our package receipt section of our woohandy.com shopping guide.

Changes, Returns and Refunds.

Check our policy of exchanges, returns or refunds before starting a process, to make sure that everything is in order, those tickets that are opened to make an exchange, return or refund request that do not comply with our policies, could be rejected. see our exchanges, returns or refund sectionof our woohandy.com shopping guide. and policy of exchanges, returns, refunds and satisfaction guarantee.